For Faculty

Encourage your students to invest in their development as writers

Encourage your students to participate in the community of writers at the Writing Centre throughout their university career.

The Writing Centre is an academic unit. Our writing curriculum is designed and delivered by faculty and graduate students with scholarly expertise in the fields of writing and composition studies.

Our programs are not intended to be transactional. Although students often come to us in light of an impending deadline, we use that opportunity to introduce them to a curriculum of continuous support for their development as more effective independent writers.

Our programs provide York's community of student writers with optimal access to a variety of instructional formats, in accordance with our guiding principles.

Writing Centre Guiding Principles

  • The Writing Centre is a learning- and learner-centric unit. The Centre’s administrative processes, workspaces, programming, and instructional practices are designed to support learning and its adoption as a life-long value.
  • The Writing Centre is a professional and academic community. The Centre’s instructors are committed to enhancing both student learning and their own teaching practice through consistently conscientious performance of duties; positive, cooperative relationships with colleagues, staff and students; involvement in professional development opportunities; and continued research in effective writing centre and broader educational pedagogies and practices.
  • The Writing Centre supports academic integrity across campus. Centre programming and pedagogy will uphold this policy as they support students in becoming more effective independent writers with the knowledge, skills, self-efficacy, and sense of institutional belonging that will help them uphold the Senate’s policy on academic honesty.
  • The Writing Centre is inclusive. The Centre is enriched and shaped by the diversity of its staff, instructors, and students, and is a place for individuals of all abilities.
  • The Writing Centre is accessible. The Centre provides accessible avenues for student registration and appointment booking and seeks to provide for unique learning needs of students.
  • The Writing Centre is equal and fair. The Centre is committed to providing all registered students with equal, equitable, and fair access to writing support programming. Writing support will be provided without prejudice or preferential treatment.

Introduce your students to us

Include this statement on your course syllabi

Include the Writing Centre on your course syllabi!

The writing assignments in this course are opportunities for students to improve their written communication skills as well as their familiarity with course topics.

The Writing Centre is an excellent resource in addition to the writing advice provided in lectures, tutorials, and through your instructor’s feedback on your assignments. The Writing Centre supports students as they develop the skills and strategies required to become effective, independent writers through one-to-one tutoring, writing workshops, elective writing courses, and more.

I encourage you to get started on your assignments early. You may book appointments at the Writing Centre to work with a writing instructor on assignments at any stage in your writing process from understanding your assignment and getting started to substantive revision of drafts.

Please note that the Writing Centre is not an editing service. Writing instructors will uphold your academic integrity by encouraging you to play an active role in all decisions related to your writing.

The Writing Centre is located at S311 Ross. Visit their website to book an appointment. 

Schedule an in-class orientation

Encourage your students to take advantage of the resources provided by the Writing Centre, request an in-class orientation during the first few weeks of term (September, January, May).

The orientation will help your students recognize the Writing Centre’s contribution to their university learning experience. We will provide an overview of our various programs and walk them through the process of accessing support.

The orientation will take approximately 10 minutes.

To request an in-class orientation, please email the Writing Centre Coordinator at We will try our best to fulfil all requests, but cannot provide any guarantees.

Provide your class with our orientation materials

We have many resources available for faculty to use as they introduce students to the Writing Centre. We recommend that faculty:

Participate in our faculty consultation program

Faculty Consultation Program

We are working to develop a faculty consultation program to provide support to instructors on the integration of writing into their courses!

Email the Writing Centre's faculty director ( about connecting with one of our faculty members to:

  • workshop the design of a writing assignment (including new media writing assignments!)
  • discuss approaches to assessment of student writing in the context of your course
  • or develop instructional materials or exercises for enhancing your students' writing competencies

We are open to one-time consultations as well as longer-term writing pedagogy collaborations.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Take note of our policies

Teaching & upholding academic integrity

The Writing Centre provides students with a window into academic discourse communities and the values of integrity that govern them. While we do not always offer programming explicitly about academic integrity, we are always working to build the knowledge and skills students need to work with integrity. We approach this work in the same respectful, holistic and developmental manner we approach all other aspects of academic writing.

Our own instructional practices are guided by principles of integrity. We work to engage students in discussions about their writing, to help them think through options for revision and make informed decisions as the author of their own paper. Our instructional goal is to support students as they become more effective, independent writers.

We will not copyedit your students' work.

Providing proof of attendance

We are always glad to hear of instructor support for the Writing Centre. Thank you for getting the word out for us!

We recommend that instructors encourage students to participate in Writing Centre programming by sharing our orientation materials or requesting an in-class orientation visit.

We do not recommend assigning "bonus marks" or other incentives to students for visiting the Writing Centre. This is primarily due to the fact that we cannot guarantee that each of your students will have equal access to our programming.

Should you want evidence of student attendance at a 1:1 instructional session, please ask your students to forward you the appointment email they receive when they use our online scheduling system.

We are unable to share information with you about student participation in our programming.

Sharing information about 1:1 tutoring sessions

The Writing Centre is a safe place where students feel comfortable asking questions about how to improve as writers. To uphold the trust students have in us, we do not share information about the content of instructional sessions.