The Multilingual Studio

The Multilingual Studio offers a safe space for multilingual students to develop their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills while engaging their multilingual abilities in enhancing their understanding of the genres and conventions of academic writing. Students meet once a week for two to three hours for 11 weeks to learn and practice reading and writing strategies, get expert advice on how to incorporate effective academic moves in their written work, learn alongside motivated peers, and exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Two sessions are available for the Winter 2021 term: Thursdays at 11:30 and Fridays at 1:30.

Our Studio is an inclusive, collaborative, and interactive space where our specialist instructor, Dunja Baus, uses a learning-through-doing experiential approach that promotes an active and critical appropriation of key academic literacies.

Perhaps the best tagline about The Studio’s impact comes from one of its students, Jerzy Kluk. To him, The Studio is “the GPS to my Academic Success.”  

Space is limited in the Multilingual Studio. If you’re interested in signing up for it, please use one of these methods:

  • Register (enrol) with the Writing Centre, then sign in. You'll see the Writing Centre Schedule displayed. CLICK ON THE DROP-DOWN ARROW BESIDE WRITING CENTRE SCHEDULE AND SELECT THE MULTILINGUAL STUDIO. You'll now see two sessions displayed, and you can select either one:
    • Thursday, 11:30 till 2:30
    • Friday, 1:30 till 4:30
  • OR, you can contact James Robertson, Writing Centre Coordinator, at

Listen to Dunja Baus, Multilingual specialist, speak about The Studio