eTutoring Paper Submission

eTutor linkDuring the fall and Winter semesters, LA&PS students can use the eTutor system to submit work for written feedback (within 72 hours depending on volume).

There are no restrictions on the number of papers or submissions to eTutor for eligible students from the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional studies.

We will provide feedback on outlines, full or partial drafts of a paper (up to 1500 words), or even in regard to more general questions related to writing or the writing process.

When you submit a draft of a paper, tell us about the assignment and what you’d like us to focus on. We will provide constructive feedback on any aspect of writing from structure to argumentation to sentence clarity. Proofreading and correcting is outside the scope of eTutor (please review the Writing Centre’s policy on editing).

eTutor doesn't provide all the benefits of talking with an instructor about your writing. Book an appointment for one-to-one tutoring using our online booking system.

eTutor FAQ

Who can use eTutor?

York students taking courses in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies can use eTutor for assignments in these courses.

How do I make most effective use of eTutor?

  • Allow yourself enough time to consider our suggestions carefully so you can make the best use of them.
  • Provide us with all the relevant instructions from your instructor including the length requirements.
  • In the comments section, tell us what your primary concerns are (e.g., understanding the assignment question, organizing thoughts, formulating an argument, etc.).
  • Indicate which section you want us to focus on - if you have a preference (e.g., "I'm concerned that my fourth paragraph veers off from my thesis" or "On my last essay, my professor told me I was too descriptive. Do you think this draft is analytical?").

How long does it take to receive feedback?

We generally get back to you within 72 hours (depending upon volume), and sometimes sooner. Please provide us with the date and time after which our feedback will no longer be relevant to you for that essay (e.g., Oct. 19, 7 pm). You will also need time to consider our suggestions carefully in order to make the best use of them. Please keep in mind that we usually read up to 1250-1500 words of your draft. If you have a long draft it is best to submit it in chunks over a period of time.

How do I submit my draft?

Submitting a draft is a simple 4-step process. Fill in the short form requesting information about yourself (full name, student number, York email address), the full name and course code of the LA&PS course you're writing the paper for, and a full description of the assignment you've received from your instructor. Then copy your draft from your word processor and paste the copy into the box provided.

A valid York University email address is required for online writing instruction. We'll return your draft with our comments and suggestions to your York University email address.