eTutoring Paper Submission

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We are pleased to announce that eTutor will be active this Winter Term!

  1. Upload your assignment instructions and essay (or other document) by logging into our online system and select the "Writing Centre eTutor Schedule 2017/2018"
    • Attach your documents to your appointment booking OR
    • copy and paste a draft into the workspace by clicking on "start or join online consultation" in your appointment cell in the WCOnline schedule
  2. You will receive feedback within 3 hours of your appointment time
  3. Once you have received this feedback, you may submit one set of questions (one time only) up to 18 hours from the time of your original appointment time.
  4. You will receive answers to your questions within 24 hours of your original appointment time.

Thus, the original feedback on your submitted assignment, your questions, and the replies to your questions will occur within a 24-hour period from your booked appointment time.

Here's an example:

  1. You book an eTutor appointment for a Tuesday 1:30-2:30pm time slot.
  2. You upload your assignment instruction and your work by 11:30am on Tuesday (the day of your appointment).
  3. The instructor will respond by 5:30pm on Tuesday (the same day).
  4. From 5:30pm Tuesday (the same day) until 11:30am Wednesday (the next day), you have one opportunity to ask follow up questions to the instructor by logging in, clicking on your appointment, reading the feedback and asking questions
    • either in the workspace where your draft is located, OR
    • on the sidebar where you can also submit text questions.
  5. You will receive answers to your questions by 1:30pm on Wednesday (the day after your original appointment).
  6. You can log in any time you wish to read this feedback.
    • Please remember that you have only one opportunity to ask questions about your feedback.