Syllabus Statement

The writing assignments in this course are opportunities for students to improve their written communication skills as well as their familiarity with course topics. The Writing Centre is an excellent resource in addition to the writing advice provided in lectures, tutorials, and through your instructor’s feedback on your assignments. The Writing Centre supports students as they develop the skills and strategies required to become effective, independent writers through one-to-one tutoring, writing workshops, and elective writing courses.

I encourage you to get started on your assignments early. You may book appointments at the Writing Centre to work with a writing instructor on assignments at any stage in your writing process from understanding your assignment and getting started to substantive revision of drafts. Please note that the Writing Centre is not an editing service. In order to uphold your academic integrity, you are to play an active role in all decisions related to your writing.

The Writing Centre is located at S311 Ross. Book an appointment for a one-to-one tutoring session.